How to sign up for free on iStripper software?

You need to download iStripper for free from https://www.istripper.com/ to sign up and create your account at the first launch of the desktop app.
Then you can log in on iStripper website to check the model's pages, free stripshows previews, VR videos, your profile, or the forum.
You can also buy credits once you are logged on iStripper.

Free iStripper desktop software and mobile

The desktop strippers concept dates back to 1998 when after 15 years developing video games, we came up with the idea of mixing the best parts of video games with adult online entertainment, two extremely competitive and dynamic industries.
We have developed a totally new concept of inlayed erotic video stripteases to be played directly onto computer taskbars, without background.

Sexy nude video and strip shows

This technology associated with a sexy product is unique in the World.
Today, we release the ultimate version of our concept with a brand new product iStripper (ex: Virtuagirl).
Facing the «hardcorization» of the adult online due especially to the overbidding of content since the porn tube sites have landed on the marketplace, our volunteer is to bring beauty, sensualism & eroticism back to the center of attention.

iStripper, the babe erotic app and nude models

Our concept iStripper (Virtual girl) is the only software in the World that brings stunning sexy girls and pornstars to live & undress directly onto your PC and Mac taskbar.
Our technology iStripper relies on a unique video inlay technology. Our models and american porn stars are shot on a blue background in 4K resolution in our own studios and the videos are cut off and processed to be readable by our proprietary software and become desktop animations.
I Stripper and Virtua Girl are also now available on our mobile website. Check it out directly from your smartphone; https://m.istripper.com/
You play the actions and command the nude girls to interact with them.

Girl seduction and teasing on your PC & Mac

Our goal being seduction back to the core: every person behind a computer can get teased by our titillating beauties and bring a feminine touch to his computer.
Entertaining & free Display up to 10 girls simultaneously on your computer screen, catch the girls, move them wherever you want on your screen, including your files windows, click them to see them full screen, display themin an stripclub environment... girls will send you kisses, walk, dance, do swing, etc. without any nudity.

iStripper free download

This use is totally free and you can download 4500 strip shows previews from our catalog of models. Hot and intense cosplay and kawaii shows.
Buy the full nude show of the model of your choice and she will come and strip naked on your taskbar to turn you on, just like you would get a private dance in a club.

Porn XXX video and lesbian shows

We have also created a porn XXX collection to answer some of our clients expectations, on which girls caress themselves and some shows are even with 2 two girls...Addictive Lesbian shows and videos and XXX sextoys clips are now the most famous ones.
Our fans can collect thousands shows and play them as often as they like – each step of their collection process, they get rewarded with discounts, free outfits, fansigns, they participate to castings, etc.
Download iStripper and enjoy a catalog of +4000 babes models and pornstars.

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